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aws_greengrass_discovery.h File Reference

greengrass discovery API. More...

#include "FreeRTOS.h"
#include "aws_clientcredential.h"
#include "aws_secure_sockets.h"

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Data Structures

struct  HostParameters_t
 Input from user to locate GGC inside JSON file. More...
struct  GGD_HostAddressData_t
 Green Grass Core connection parameters. More...


BaseType_t GGD_GetGGCIPandCertificate (char *pcBuffer, const uint32_t ulBufferSize, GGD_HostAddressData_t *pxHostAddressData)
BaseType_t GGD_JSONRequestStart (Socket_t *pxSocket)
BaseType_t GGD_JSONRequestGetSize (Socket_t *pxSocket, uint32_t *pulJSONFileSize)
BaseType_t GGD_JSONRequestGetFile (Socket_t *pxSocket, char *pcBuffer, const uint32_t ulBufferSize, uint32_t *pulByteRead, BaseType_t *pxJSONFileRetrieveCompleted, const uint32_t pulJSONFileSize)
void GGD_JSONRequestAbort (Socket_t *pxSocket)
BaseType_t GGD_GetIPandCertificateFromJSON (char *pcJSONFile, const uint32_t ulJSONFileSize, const HostParameters_t *pxHostParameters, GGD_HostAddressData_t *pxHostAddressData, const BaseType_t xAutoSelectFlag)

Detailed Description

greengrass discovery API.

Definition in file aws_greengrass_discovery.h.