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BLE Documentation

BLE library.

FreeRTOS supports publishing and subscribing to MQTT topics over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) through a proxy device, such as a mobile phone. With the FreeRTOS BLE library, your microcontroller can securely communicate with the AWS IoT MQTT broker.


Using the Mobile SDKs for FreeRTOS Bluetooth Devices, you can write native mobile applications that communicate with the embedded applications on your microcontroller over BLE. For more information about the mobile SDKs, see Mobile SDKs for FreeRTOS Bluetooth Devices.

In addition to supporting MQTT, the FreeRTOS BLE library includes services for configuring Wi-Fi networks. The FreeRTOS BLE library also includes some middleware and lower-level APIs for more direct control over your BLE stack. The source files for the FreeRTOS BLE library are located in Amazon-FreeRTOS/libraries/bluetooth_low_energy.

FreeRTOS BLE Architecture The FreeRTOS BLE library is made up of three layers: services, middleware, and low-level wrappers.



Dependencies of the ble library.

BLE direct dependencies

Currently, the BLE library has the following dependencies:

  • The linear containers (list/queue) library for maintaining the data structures for scheduled and in-progress BLE operations.
  • The platform layer provides an interface to the operating system for thread management, timers, clock functions, network access, etc.

In addition to the components above, the BLE library may also depend on C standard library headers.