🧬 Launch and manage genomics workloads on AWS.

agc [flags]


  Displays the help menu for the specified sub-command.
  /code $ agc account --help


      --format string   Format option for output. Valid options are: text, table, json
  -h, --help            help for agc
      --silent          Suppresses all diagnostic information.
  -v, --verbose         Display verbose diagnostic information.
      --version         version for agc


  • agc account - Commands for AWS account setup. Install or remove AGC from your account.
  • agc completion - generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  • agc configure - Commands for configuration. Configuration is stored per user.
  • agc context - Commands for contexts. Contexts specify workflow engines and computational fleets to use when running a workflow.
  • agc logs - Commands for various logs.
  • agc project - Commands to interact with projects.
  • agc workflow - Commands for workflows. Workflows are potentially-dynamic graphs of computational tasks to execute.