agc account activate

agc account activate

Activate AGC in an AWS account.


Activate AGC in an AWS account. AGC will use your default AWS credentials to deploy all AWS resources it needs to that account and region.

agc account activate [flags]


Activate AGC in your AWS account with a custom S3 bucket and VPC.
/code $ agc account activate --bucket my-custom-bucket --vpc my-vpc-id


      --ami string            The AMI that will be used by all workflow compute environments deployed in all contexts.
      --bucket string         The name of an S3 bucket that AGC will use to store its data.
                              An autogenerated name will be used if not specified. A new bucket will be created if the bucket does not exist.
  -h, --help                  help for activate
      --subnets strings       The list of private subnet IDs to use when specifying a VPC to run in. May only be used with the 
                              '--vpc' flag. If not supplied then all private subnets of a VPC will be used as possible targets of compute infrastructure.
                              Each subnet must have access to AWS service endpoints e.g. using VPC Gateway Endpoints or via a route to the public internet.
                              Subnet names may be a comma separated list or supplied as repeated flags. (e.g. '--subnets subnet-1234 --subnets subnet-2345, subnet-3456')
      --tags stringToString   A list of comma separated tags to be applied to all AGC resources in this account
                              (e.g. --tags "k1=v1","k2=v2"). Each key-value pair must be quoted as shown in the example,
                              otherwise the parsing will fail. (default [])
      --usePublicSubnets      Do not create a NAT gateway or VPC endpoints, to lower operating costs. 
                              You must enable the usePublicSubnets option in your project context if you use this flag.
      --vpc string            The ID of a VPC that AGC will run in. 
                              A new VPC will be created if not specified.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -p, --awsProfile string   Use the provided AWS CLI profile.
      --format string       Format option for output. Valid options are: text, table, json
      --silent              Suppresses all diagnostic information.
  -v, --verbose             Display verbose diagnostic information.


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