agc context deploy

agc context deploy

Deploy contexts in the current project


deploy is for deploying one or more contexts. It creates AGC resources in AWS.

Output of the command has following format: DETAIL: AccessLogGroupName BucketLocation EngineLogGroupName Status StatusReason WesLogGroupName WesUrl SUMMARY: IsSpot MaxVCpus Name ENGINE: Engine Type FILESYSTEM: FSType FSCONFIG: FSProvisionedThroughput STRING

agc context deploy {context_name ... | --all} [flags]


/code agc context deploy context1 context2


      --all               Deploy all contexts in the project
  -c, --context strings   Names of one or more contexts to deploy
  -h, --help              help for deploy

Options inherited from parent commands

  -p, --awsProfile string   Use the provided AWS CLI profile.
      --format string       Format option for output. Valid options are: text, table, json
      --silent              Suppresses all diagnostic information.
  -v, --verbose             Display verbose diagnostic information.


  • agc context - Commands for contexts. Contexts specify workflow engines and computational fleets to use when running a workflow.