corePKCS11  v3.2.0
PKCS #11 Cryptoki Library
The following files are associated with this library.
 core_pkcs11.cCorePKCS11 Interface
 core_pkcs11.hWrapper functions for PKCS #11
 core_pkcs11_config_defaults.hList of configuration macros for the corePKCS11 library along with their default values
 core_pkcs11_mbedtls.cMbedTLS-based PKCS#11 implementation for software keys. This file deviates from the FreeRTOS style standard for some function names and data types in order to maintain compliance with the PKCS #11 standard
 core_pkcs11_pal.hPort Specific File Access functions for PKCS #11
 core_pki_utils.cHelper functions for PKCS #11
 core_pki_utils.hHelper functions for PKCS #11