Amazon RDS Utilities

Using the AWS SDK for Go V2 Amazon RDS Utilities

IAM Authentication

The auth package provides utilities for generating authentication tokens for connecting to Amazon RDS MySQL and PostgreSQL database instances. Using the BuildAuthToken method, you generate a database authorization token by providing the database endpoint, AWS Region, username, and a aws.CredentialProvider implementation that returns IAM credentials with permission to connect to the database using IAM database authentication. To learn more about configuring Amazon RDS with IAM authentication see the following Amazon RDS Developer Guide resources:

The following examples shows how to generate an authentication token to connect to an Amazon RDS database:

import "context"
import ""
import ""

// ...

cfg, err := config.LoadDefaultConfig(context.TODO())
if err != nil {
	panic("configuration error: " + err.Error())

authenticationToken, err := auth.BuildAuthToken(
	"", // Database Endpoint (With Port)
	"us-east-1", // AWS Region
	"jane_doe", // Database Account
if err != nil {
	panic("failed to create authentication token: " + err.Error())