These step-by-step tutorials show you how to use various features of Chalice. These are perfect if you’re new to Chalice and want to learn what Chalice can do. If you want more complete, real-world examples, you can check out our Sample Applications.

Rest API Tutorials

REST API Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through creating a REST API in Chalice. It covers features such as routing, URL parameters, error handling, etc.

Custom Domain Names

In this tutorial, we show you how to configure a REST API with your own custom domain name.

Websocket Tutorials

Echo Server Example

Learn the basics of creating websocket APIs in Chalice. This tutorial creates an echo server that echoes back any message that the client sends to the websocket server.

Chat Server Example

In this more complete example, learn how to create a basic chat application based on websockets.

Event Source Tutorials

Event Sources Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create an event handler that’s triggered whenever a message is published to an SNS topic.

AWS CDK Tutorials

Deploying with the AWS CDK

This tutorial walks you through creating a REST API with a DynamoDB data store that’s deployed using the AWS CDK. It shows you how you can combine the APIs of Chalice with CDK construct APIs

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