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Interface AudioVideoObserver


  • AudioVideoObserver

Implemented by



Optional audioVideoDidStart

  • audioVideoDidStart(): void

Optional audioVideoDidStartConnecting

  • audioVideoDidStartConnecting(reconnecting: boolean): void

Optional audioVideoDidStop

Optional audioVideoWasDemotedFromPrimaryMeeting

  • This observer callback will only be called for attendees in Replica meetings.

    Indicates that the client is no longer authenticated to the Primary meeting and can no longer share media. status will contain a MeetingSessionStatusCode of the following:

    • MeetingSessionStatusCode.OK: demoteFromPrimaryMeeting was used to remove the attendee.
    • MeetingSessionStatusCode.AudioAuthenticationRejected: chime::DeleteAttendee was called on the Primary meeting attendee used in promoteToPrimaryMeeting.
    • MeetingSessionStatusCode.SignalingBadRequest: Other failure, possibly due to disconnect or timeout. These failures are likely retryable. Any disconnection will trigger an automatic demotion to avoid unexpected or unwanted promotion state on reconnection.


    Returns void

Optional connectionDidBecomeGood

  • connectionDidBecomeGood(): void

Optional connectionDidBecomePoor

  • connectionDidBecomePoor(): void

Optional connectionDidSuggestStopVideo

  • connectionDidSuggestStopVideo(): void

Optional connectionHealthDidChange

Optional encodingSimulcastLayersDidChange

Optional metricsDidReceive

Optional remoteVideoSourcesDidChange

  • remoteVideoSourcesDidChange(videoSources: VideoSource[]): void

Optional videoAvailabilityDidChange

Optional videoSendDidBecomeUnavailable

  • videoSendDidBecomeUnavailable(): void
  • Called when a user tries to start a video but by the time the backend processes the request, video capacity has been reached and starting local video is not possible. This can be used to trigger a message to the user about the situation.

    Returns void

Optional videoTileDidUpdate

Optional videoTileWasRemoved

  • videoTileWasRemoved(tileId: number): void

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