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Interface BackgroundReplacementOptions

A set of options that can be supplied when creating a background replacement video frame processor.




Optional filterCPUUtilization

filterCPUUtilization: number

The threshold CPU utilization percentage to trigger skipping background filter updates which will reduce the amount of CPU used by background filtering. The valid values for this field are 0-100.

For example, If the reporting period is set to 1000 ms and 500 ms was dedicated to processing the background filter, then the CPU utilization for that reporting period is 50%. If filterCPUUtilization is set to 50 it will cause a filterCPUUtilizationHigh event to be fired from the BackgroundBlurVideoFrameProcessorObserver.

Optional imageBlob

imageBlob: Blob

The image to replace the background with

Optional logger

logger: Logger

A Logger to which log output will be written.

Optional reportingPeriodMillis

reportingPeriodMillis: number

How often the video frame processor will report observed events.

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