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Interface DeviceChangeObserver

DeviceChangeObserver can be registered with a DeviceController to receive callbacks on device change events.


  • DeviceChangeObserver



Optional audioInputMuteStateChanged

  • audioInputMuteStateChanged(device: string | MediaStream, muteState: boolean): void
  • Called when the selected input device is indicated by the browser to be muted or unmuted at the operating system or hardware level, and thus the SDK will be unable to send audio regardless of the application's own mute state.

    This method will always be called after a device is selected or when the mute state changes after selection.

    If the selected input device is a MediaStream, it will be passed here as the value of device. Otherwise, the selected device ID will be provided.


    • device: string | MediaStream
    • muteState: boolean

      whether the input device is known to be muted.

    Returns void

Optional audioInputStreamEnded

  • audioInputStreamEnded(deviceId?: string): void

Optional audioInputsChanged

  • audioInputsChanged(freshAudioInputDeviceList?: MediaDeviceInfo[]): void

Optional audioOutputsChanged

  • audioOutputsChanged(freshAudioOutputDeviceList?: MediaDeviceInfo[]): void

Optional videoInputStreamEnded

  • videoInputStreamEnded(deviceId?: string): void

Optional videoInputsChanged

  • videoInputsChanged(freshVideoInputDeviceList?: MediaDeviceInfo[]): void

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