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Version: v1.3.1


The Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) Web Broadcast SDK provides the interfaces required to broadcast to Amazon IVS on a web browser.

This SDK is for developers who are building web applications with Amazon IVS. The SDK is designed to leverage the Amazon IVS architecture and will see continual improvement and new features, alongside Amazon IVS. Your application can leverage the key features of the Amazon IVS broadcast SDK:

  • High quality streaming — The Broadcast SDK supports high quality streaming. Capture video from your camera and encode it at up to 1080p quality for a high quality viewing experience.
  • Automatic bitrate adjustments — Network conditions can change throughout the course of a broadcast. The Amazon IVS Broadcast SDK automatically adjusts the video bitrate to accommodate changing network conditions.
  • Secure streaming — Your user’s broadcasts are encrypted using TLS, so they can keep their streams secure.
  • Supports multiple input sources — The Amazon IVS Broadcast SDK supports streaming from multiple audio and video inputs and supports screen sharing.

The AmazonIVSBroadcastClient class implements the interface described in this document. The following operations are supported:

  • Set up (initialize) a broadcast session.
  • Manage broadcasting.
  • Attach and detach input devices.
  • Manage a composition session.
  • Receive events.
  • Receive errors.

Latest version of Web broadcast SDK: 1.3.1 (Release Notes)

Reference documentation: For information on the most important methods available in the Amazon IVS Web Broadcast SDK, see Make sure the most current version of the SDK is selected.

Sample code: See the Codepen