Code contribution quick steps#

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)! This page provides the basic steps for making a contribution to the AWS CLI and linking to detailed information.

The contribution process is tracked on a publicly visible GitHub project board. Each lane of the board maps to a stage of the contribution process.

See also

For more information on the full contribution process, see the Detailed contribution process.

Quick steps#

  1. Create a GitHub issue with the information necessary to make your contribution. Use the appropriate GitHub issue template.

  2. Maintainers review your issue and request details if needed. Once your issue fulfills all criteria, it is approved for contribution.

  3. Create or update your environment.

  4. Create a new feature branch in Git. For example Git commits and workflows, see Git commits and workflows.

  5. Implement your changes. Ensure you’re following the AWS CLI code guidelines

  6. Run tests to confirm your contributions pass.

  7. Commit and push changes to your GitHub fork.

  8. Create your pull request (PR).

  9. Maintainers perform a preliminary review of your PR to confirm the changes are as described in your opened GitHub issue.

  10. Once confirmed, maintainers mark your issue and PR as ready-for-review.

  11. Maintainers perform a full review of the contribution, providing feedback to the contributor as needed.

  12. After the PR is approved by the maintainers, it is marked as approved and is then merged.