Thank you for your interest in contributing to the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)! We welcome everyone to contribute.

This guide covers the following topics:

  • The AWS CLI contribution process

  • Proposing and discussing new features or improvements

  • Updating documentation and adding/updating examples

  • Making code changes

  • Support requests and bug reports

This project has adopted the Amazon Open Source Code of Conduct, and this extends to the contribution process. For more information, please see the Code of Conduct FAQ.

Contribution process#

The AWS CLI maintainers use a process to guide you, the contributors, from opening a new issue to merging a pull request. The goal is to assure that contributions are addressed systematically and transparently.

If you want to make a change to the AWS CLI or are interested in learning about the process, you can get started using the Code contribution quick steps, Code example contribution quick steps, or the full contribution process.

Contacting the team#

To get help on your contribution, write a comment on the issue or pull request you’re working on, and a maintainer will get back to you.

If you are having trouble using the AWS CLI or have a usage question, please use our discussion forum and we’ll respond there.