greengrasssdk.Lambda module

exception greengrasssdk.Lambda.InvocationException[source]

Bases: Exception

class greengrasssdk.Lambda.Client(endpoint='localhost', port=None)[source]

Bases: object


Invokes Lambda function of the given name.

Keyword Arguments:
  • ClientContext (bytes) – Optional Base64-encoded data about the invoking client to pass to the Lambda function
  • FunctionName (string) – [REQUIRED] The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Lambda function to invoke. Name formats:
    • Qualified ARN - The function ARN with the version suffix. e.g. arn:aws:lambda:aws-region:acct-id:function:helloworld:1
    • Unqualified ARN - The function ARN without the version suffix. e.g. arn:aws:lambda:aws-region:acct-id:function:helloworld
  • InvocationType (string) – Choose from the following options.
    • RequestResponse (default) - Invoke the Lambda synchronously. Block until the function returns a response or times out.
    • Event - Invoke the Lambda asynchronously. The response only includes empty payload.
  • Payload (bytes) – Optional input for the Lambda function to invoke.
  • Qualifier (string) – Optional parameter to specify a Lambda function version if it was not included in the FunctionName field. If you specify a function version, the API uses the qualified function ARN to invoke a specific Lambda function.

(dict) – * FunctionError (string) –

If present, indicates that an error occurred while executing the Lambda function. If an error occurred, this field will have one of two values, Handled or Unhandled. Handled errors are errors that are reported by the function while the Unhandled errors are those detected and reported by Greengrass Core. Unhandled errors include out of memory errors and function timeouts. Error details are provided in the Payload.

  • Payload (bytes or StreamingBody object) – It is the result returned by the Lambda function. This is present only if the invocation type is RequestResponse. In the event of a function error this field contains a message describing the error.

class greengrasssdk.Lambda.StreamingBody(payload)[source]

Bases: object

Wrapper class for http response payload

This provides a consistent interface to AWS Lambda Python SDK


Read at most amt bytes from the stream. If the amt argument is omitted, read all data.