AWS IoT Over-the-air Update  v2.0.0 (Release Candidate)
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
OtaPalInterface Struct Reference

OTA pal Interface structure. More...

#include <ota_platform_interface.h>

Data Fields

OtaPalAbort_t abort
 Abort an OTA transfer.
OtaPalCreateFileForRx_t createFile
 Create a new receive file.
OtaPalCloseFile_t closeFile
 Authenticate and close the receive file.
OtaPalWriteBlock_t writeBlock
 Write a block of data to the specified file at the given offset.
OtaPalActivateNewImage_t activate
 Activate the file received over-the-air.
OtaPalResetDevice_t reset
 Reset the device.
OtaPalSetPlatformImageState_t setPlatformImageState
 Set the state of the OTA update image.
OtaPalGetPlatformImageState_t getPlatformImageState
 Get the state of the OTA update image.

Detailed Description

OTA pal Interface structure.

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