coreHTTP  v2.0.0
HTTP/1.1 Client Library
HTTPRequestHeaders_t Struct Reference

Represents header data that will be sent in an HTTP request. More...

#include <core_http_client.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t * pBuffer
 Buffer to hold the raw HTTP request headers. More...
size_t bufferLen
size_t headersLen
 The actual size in bytes of headers in the buffer. This field is updated by the HTTP Client library functions HTTPClient_AddHeader, and HTTPClient_InitializeRequestHeaders.

Detailed Description

Represents header data that will be sent in an HTTP request.

The memory for the header data buffer is supplied by the user. Information in the buffer will be filled by calling HTTPClient_InitializeRequestHeaders and HTTPClient_AddHeader. This buffer may be automatically filled with the Content-Length header in HTTPClient_Send, please see HTTP_MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH_HEADER_LENGTH for the maximum amount of space needed to accommodate the Content-Length header.

Field Documentation

◆ pBuffer

uint8_t* HTTPRequestHeaders_t::pBuffer

Buffer to hold the raw HTTP request headers.

This buffer is supplied by the application.

This buffer is owned by the library during HTTPClient_AddHeader, HTTPClient_AddRangeHeader, HTTPClient_InitializeRequestHeaders, and HTTPClient_Send. This buffer should not be modified until after these functions return.

For optimization this buffer may be re-used with the response. The user can re-use this buffer for the storing the response from the server in HTTPResponse_t.pBuffer.

◆ bufferLen

size_t HTTPRequestHeaders_t::bufferLen

The length of pBuffer in bytes.

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