coreMQTT  v1.1.1
MQTT 3.1.1 Client Library
MQTTContext_t Struct Reference

A struct representing an MQTT connection. More...

#include <core_mqtt.h>

Data Fields

MQTTPubAckInfo_t outgoingPublishRecords [MQTT_STATE_ARRAY_MAX_COUNT]
 State engine records for outgoing publishes.
MQTTPubAckInfo_t incomingPublishRecords [MQTT_STATE_ARRAY_MAX_COUNT]
 State engine records for incoming publishes.
TransportInterface_t transportInterface
 The transport interface used by the MQTT connection.
MQTTFixedBuffer_t networkBuffer
 The buffer used in sending and receiving packets from the network.
uint16_t nextPacketId
 The next available ID for outgoing MQTT packets.
MQTTConnectionStatus_t connectStatus
 Whether the context currently has a connection to the broker.
MQTTGetCurrentTimeFunc_t getTime
 Function used to get millisecond timestamps.
MQTTEventCallback_t appCallback
 Callback function used to give deserialized MQTT packets to the application.
uint32_t lastPacketTime
 Timestamp of the last packet sent by the library.
bool controlPacketSent
 Whether the library sent a packet during a call of MQTT_ProcessLoop or MQTT_ReceiveLoop.
uint16_t keepAliveIntervalSec
 Keep Alive interval.
uint32_t pingReqSendTimeMs
 Timestamp of the last sent PINGREQ.
bool waitingForPingResp
 If the library is currently awaiting a PINGRESP.

Detailed Description

A struct representing an MQTT connection.

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