AWS IoT Jobs  v1.1.1
Client library for AWS IoT Jobs
Enumerated Types

Enumerated types of the Jobs library. More...


enum  JobsStatus_t {
  JobsError = 0, JobsSuccess, JobsNoMatch, JobsBadParameter,
 Return codes from jobs functions. More...
enum  JobsTopic_t {
  JobsInvalidTopic = -1, JobsJobsChanged, JobsNextJobChanged, JobsGetPendingSuccess,
  JobsGetPendingFailed, JobsStartNextSuccess, JobsStartNextFailed, JobsDescribeSuccess,
  JobsDescribeFailed, JobsUpdateSuccess, JobsUpdateFailed, JobsMaxTopic
 Topic values for subscription requests. More...

Detailed Description

Enumerated types of the Jobs library.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ JobsStatus_t

Return codes from jobs functions.


The buffer was properly written or a match was found.


The buffer does not contain a jobs topic.


A function parameter was NULL or has an illegal value.


The buffer write was truncated.

◆ JobsTopic_t

Topic values for subscription requests.

The enum values for valid topics must be contiguous, starting with 0. The last valid topic must be followed by JobsMaxTopic. This arrangement is necessary since the enum values are used as indexes to arrays of topic strings and lengths.
The ordering is important, providing a means to divide topics into those that use a job ID and those that do not.
These constraints are enforced by a unit test.