AWS IoT Over-the-air Update  v3.1.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CAppVersion32_tApplication version structure
 CJsonDocModel_tJSON document model to store the details of parameters expected in the job document
 CJsonDocParam_tJSON document parameter to store the details of keys and where to store them
 COtaAgentContext_tThe OTA agent is a singleton today. The structure keeps it nice and organized
 COtaAgentStatistics_tThis is the OTA statistics structure to hold useful info
 COtaAppBuffer_tOTA Application Buffer size information
 COtaControlInterface_tRepresents the OTA control interface functions
 COtaDataInterface_tRepresents the OTA data interface functions
 COtaEventData_tThe OTA Agent event and data structures
 COtaEventMsg_tStores information about the event message
 COtaFileContext_tOTA File Context Information
 COtaHttpInterface_tOTA Event Interface structure
 COtaInterfaces_tOTA Interface for referencing different components
 COtaJobDocument_tOTA Job document
 COtaMallocInterface_tOTA memory allocation interface
 COtaMqttInterface_tOTA Event Interface structure
 COtaOSInterface_tOTA OS Interface
 COtaPalInterface_tOTA pal Interface structure
 COtaStateTableEntry_tOTA Agent state table entry
 COtaTimerInterface_tOTA Retry Timer Interface
 CSig256_tOTA File Signature info