AWS IoT Over-the-air Update  v3.1.0
Client library for AWS IoT OTA
OtaAppBuffer_t Struct Reference

OTA Application Buffer size information. More...

#include <ota.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t * pUpdateFilePath
 Path to store the files.
uint16_t updateFilePathsize
 Maximum size of the file path.
uint8_t * pCertFilePath
 Path to certificate file.
uint16_t certFilePathSize
 Maximum size of the certificate file path.
uint8_t * pStreamName
 Name of stream to download the files.
uint16_t streamNameSize
 Maximum size of the stream name.
uint8_t * pDecodeMemory
 Place to store the decoded files.
uint32_t decodeMemorySize
 Maximum size of the decoded files buffer.
uint8_t * pFileBitmap
 Bitmap of the parameters received.
uint16_t fileBitmapSize
 Maximum size of the bitmap.
uint8_t * pUrl
 Presigned url to download files from S3.
uint16_t urlSize
 Maximum size of the URL.
uint8_t * pAuthScheme
 Authentication scheme used to validate download.
uint16_t authSchemeSize
 Maximum size of the auth scheme.

Detailed Description

OTA Application Buffer size information.

File key signature information to verify the authenticity of the incoming file

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