Enumeration ErrorType

An enumeration detailing the type of an error.

Enumeration Members

AUTHORIZATION: "ErrorAuthorization"

A network resource is not authorized.

GENERIC: "Error"

A generic error occurred.

INVALID_DATA: "ErrorInvalidData"

Data or input is invalid.

INVALID_PARAMETER: "ErrorInvalidParameter"

A method parameter is invalid.

INVALID_STATE: "ErrorInvalidState"

The player or an internal object is in an invalid state.

NETWORK: "ErrorNetwork"

There is a network error.

NETWORK_IO: "ErrorNetworkIO"

There is a network I/O failure.

NOT_AVAILABLE: "ErrorNotAvailable"

The stream is not available. The accompanying HTTP status code can help identify why the stream is unavailable. If the status code is 429, the concurrent-viewers limit was reached. If the status code is 404, the stream does not exist or is offline.

NOT_SUPPORTED: "ErrorNotSupported"

A method or feature is not supported.

NO_SOURCE: "ErrorNoSource"

There is no source for the player to play.

TIMEOUT: "ErrorTimeout"

The player timed out on an operation.

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