Interface PlayerError

An interface describing the payload of the ERROR event. The interface has properties that can uniquely identify the error.

Some valuable errors to handle:

  • source: MasterPlaylist type: AUTHORIZATION code: 403 - This is a private stream and viewer authorization is missing or invalid.
  • source: MasterPlaylist type: NOT_AVAILABLE code: 429 - The concurrent-viewers limit has been reached. See Amazon IVS Service Quotas.
  • source: MasterPlaylist type: NOT_AVAILABLE code: 404 - The stream is invalid (e.g., the playback URL is incorrect) or not online.


  • PlayerError



code: number

A code representing the specific error condition. The code values depend on the source and result types. For example, if source is "Segment", the result is NETWORK, and the code value is 400, this indicates that an HTTP 400 error occurred while trying to download a video segment.

message: string

A message describing the error.

source: string

The source component within the player that generated the error.

type: ErrorType

The result code for the error.

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