Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between aws-lc-rs and ring?

While we aim to be API-compatible with ring v0.16 there are some differences in our implementation. Please review the ring-compatibility section of our API reference guide.

Can I run aws-lc-rs on X platform or architecture?

The answer to this question is dependent on several factors based on the target environment:

  • Must be a platform and CPU architecture supported by AWS-LC.
  • Must be a platform supported by the Rust compiler with support for the full standard library. See the Rust compiler's platform support documentation.
  • If the underlying aws-lc-sys or aws-lc-fips-sys crates don't have pre-generated bindings for the desired platform then you must use the bindgen crate feature of aws-lc-rs, or have the bindgen-cli installed, to enable generation of the FFI bindings for the desired platform and architecture.
  • See Requirements and Platform Support for more details on build requirements for various platforms.

If there is a platform or architecture you are interested in seeing support for, please create a GitHub issue.