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About the AWS Deploy Tool

AWS Deploy Tool is an interactive tooling for the .NET CLI and the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio that helps deploy .NET applications with minimum AWS knowledge, and with the fewest clicks or commands. It works by analyzing .NET projects and guiding developers to the right AWS service. It then selects the right deployment service, builds and packages your application, and creates the deployment infrastructure. It allows for a quick and easy Proof of concept (POC), smooth graduation to CI/CD, and a gradual ramp up on AWS knowledge.

Key capabilities

AWS Deploy Tool has the following capabilities:

  • Compute recommendations for your application – Get recommendations about the type of compute best suited for your application based on the application type.
  • Dockerfile generation - The tool will generate a Dockerfile if needed, otherwise an existing Dockerfile will be used.
  • Auto packaging and deployment – The tool builds the deployment artifacts, generates a deployment CDK project, provisions the infrastructure and deploys your application to the chosen AWS compute.
  • Repeatable and shareable deployments –The tool persists configuration settings and AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) project used to deploy your application. You can also version control them and share with other team members for repeatable deployments.
  • Help with learning AWS CDK for .NET! - Once you are ready to start exploring, the deployment tool will help you gradually learn AWS tools like CDK that are used under the hood. It generates well documented/organized CDK projects that you can easily start modifying to fit your specific use-case.


... in .NET CLI

AWS Deploy tool is available for download as a NuGet package. See How to install section.

... in AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio exposes the same deployment functionality via Publish to AWS feature. For information about toolkit versions and using the feature, see Publish to AWS in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio User Guide.

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