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Missing Dependencies

This section of the troubleshooting guide explains how to determine, diagnose, and fix common issues related to missing external dependencies of AWS.Deploy.Tools

Node.js not installed

Why is this happening: AWS.Deploy.Tools relies on AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to provision resources for your cloud application. AWS CDK requires Node.js to be installed in your machine. See the CDK's FAQs for more information about how it uses Node.js.

Minimum required Node.js version >= 14.17.0

Resolution: See here to install Node.js on your system.

Docker not installed

Why is this happening: AWS.Deploy.Tool requires Docker to be installed in order to perform containerized deployments.

Resolution: See here to install Docker for your operating system.

Zip utility not installed

Why is this happening: Non-container based deployments types (such as deployments to AWS Elastic Beanstalk) create a zip file of the artifacts produced by the dotnet publish command.

The zip command line utility is not installed by default on some Linux distributions. If you are deploying using a non-container based option, you may encounter an error saying:

We were unable to create a zip archive of the packaged application.
Normally this indicates a problem running the \"zip\" utility. Make sure that application is installed and available in your PATH.

In this case, it is likely that zip is not installed on your system.

We use the Linux zip tool to maintain Linux file permissions.

Resolution: To install zip on Linux OS, run the following commands depending on your distribution's package management tool.

For distributions using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install zip

For distributions using yum:

sudo yum intall zip

After installation, use the command to verify that zip was installed correctly.