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Installing the deployment tool

The following instructions show you how to install, update, and uninstall the deployment tool.


To install the deployment tool, use the dotnet tool install command:

dotnet tool install -g


To update to the latest version of the deployment tool, use the dotnet tool update command.

dotnet tool update -g

Note The deployment tool was initially in a NuGet package called "aws.deploy.cli". If you have this older version of the tool, you'll see a deprecation notice and the version will be 0.40.18 or earlier. Uninstall the older version of the tool and install a new one.


To uninstall it, simply type:

dotnet tool uninstall -g


Once you install the tool, you can view the list of available commands by typing:

dotnet aws --help

To get help about individual commands like deploy or delete-deployment you can use the --help switch with the commands. For example to get help for the deploy command type:

dotnet aws deploy --help