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deployment-project generate command


dotnet aws deployment-project - Generates and saves the deployment CDK project in the user provided location.


dotnet aws deployment-project generate [-d|--diagnostics] [-s|--silent] [--profile <PROFILE>] [--region <REGION>] [--project-path <PROJECT-PATH>] [--project-display-name <DISPLAY-NAME>]


Generates and saves the deployment CDK project in a user provided directory path without proceeding with a deployment. Allows user to customize the CDK project before deploying the application.

  • The --output switch sets the directory where the deployment project will be saved.
  • The --project-display-name switch sets the name that will be shown when the .NET project is being deployed.


This example creates a deployment project from the .NET project in the current directory. The deployment project will be saved to a sibling directory called CustomDeploymentProject. The name "Team custom deployment project" will be displayed in the list of the available deployment options.

dotnet aws deployment-project generate --output ../CustomDeploymentProject --project-display-name "Team custom deployment project"