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task delete

$ copilot task delete

What does it do?

copilot task delete stops running instances of the task, and deletes associated resources.


Tasks created with versions of Copilot earlier than v1.2.0 cannot be stopped by copilot task delete. Customers using tasks launched with earlier versions should manually stop any running tasks via the ECS console after running the command.

What are the flags?

  -a, --app string    Name of the application.
      --default       Optional. Delete a task which was launched in the default cluster and subnets.
                      Cannot be specified with 'app' or 'env'.
  -e, --env string    Name of the environment.
  -h, --help          help for delete
  -n, --name string   Name of the service.
      --yes           Optional. Skips confirmation prompt.


Delete the "test" task from the default cluster.

$ copilot task delete --name test --default

Delete the "db-migrate" task from the prod environment.

$ copilot task delete --name db-migrate --env prod

Delete the "test" task without confirmation prompt.

$ copilot task delete --name test --yes