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RBAC Permission Errors

The following sections provide solutions to common RBAC authorization errors.

PersistentVolumeClaims is forbidden

Error: Spark jobs that require creation, listing or deletion of Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) was not supported before EMR6.8. Jobs that require these permissions will fail with the exception “persistentvolumeclaims is forbidden". Looking into driver logs, you may see an error like this:

persistentvolumeclaims is forbidden. User "system:serviceaccount:emr:emr-containers-sa-spark-client-93ztm12rnjz163mt3rgdb3bjqxqfz1cgvqh1e9be6yr81" cannot create resource "persistentvolumeclaims" in API group "" in namesapce "emr".

You may encounter this error because the default Kubernetes role emr-containers is missing the required RBAC permissions. As a result, the emr-containers primary role can’t dynamically create necessary permissions for additional roles such as Spark driver, Spark executor or Spark client when you submit a job.

Solution: Add the required permissions to emr-containers.

Here are the complete RBAC permissions for EMR on EKS:

You can compare whether you have complete RBAC permissions using the steps below,

kubectl describe role emr-containers -n ${NAMESPACE}

If the permissions don't match, proceed to apply latest permissions

kubectl apply -f -n ${NAMESPACE}

You can delete the spark driver and client roles because they will be dynamically created when the job is run next time.