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jsii consists of multiple single-purposed programs which can be used to compose various workflows.


We are considering creating an "umbrella entrypoint" to make it easier to consume.

Name Stability Description
jsii Stable Compiles TypeScript to jsii module
jsii-pacmak Stable Creates ready-to-publish language-specific packages from jsii modules
jsii-reflect Stable Strong-typed reflection library for jsii type systems
jsii-diff Stable API backwards compatibility checker
jsii-rosetta Experimental Transpile code snippets (in docs) from TypeScript to jsii languages
jsii-config Experimental Interactive tool for generating jsii configuration
jsii-release Community Publishes jsii modules to all supported package managers
jsii-srcmak Community Generates relocatable source code in jsii languages from typescript
jsii-docgen Community Generates markdown API documentation for jsii modules
Stability Definitions
  • Stable: Projects that comply with the Semantic Versioning specification, and will hence not change behavior or receive other breaking changes across minor and patch version bumps.
  • Experimental: Projects that are under active development and may change behavior or receive other breaking changes across minor releases.
  • Community: a community-maintained project, not officially supported by the jsii core team.

Last update: 2023-03-27