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Common Runtime

Regardless of which language or platform your application is developed in, using jsii modules requires a compatible node runtime to be available in $PATH(see Runtime Architecture). Current node runtime versions support status is as follows:

The following node releases are part of our test matrix:

Release Status End-of-Life
^18.0.0 โœ… Supported 2025-04-30
^20.0.0 โœ… Supported 2026-04-30
^22.0.0 โœ… Supported 2027-04-30
Status Definitions
  • โœ… Supported: Long Term Support (LTS) releases (those with an even major version) are supported and bugs specific to those releases are addressed with the highest priority. Every jsii release is automatically tested against those releases.
  • ๐Ÿงช Best effort: Development releases (those with an odd major version) are supported on a best-effort basis. Some of these releases may include breaking changes or bugs that may cause runtime errors that we may not be able to fix.

Releases not in the matrix might work, but are not guaranteed to: they can be considered to fall under the ๐Ÿงช Best Effort umbrella, unless they are end-of-life. Releases past end-of-life are unlikely to work, or may stop working with any future release.

The node releases schedule provides up-to-date information on the current status of all active releases, and indicates the timelines for support (including planned End-of-Life dates for each).