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To enable go package generation, add the go key to the jsii targets configuration:

  • packageName (optional) - The name of the Go package name. If not specified, package name will be derived from the JavaScript module name by removing non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. @aws-cdk/aws-s3 will be awscdkawss3). If this is set on a submodule config file (.jsiirc.json), it refers to the submodule package name.
  • moduleName (required) - The name of the target repository in which this module will be published (e.g. The module itself will always be published under a subdirectory named according to the Go package name of the module (e.g.
  • versionSuffix (optional) - Can be provided that will be appended at the end of the module version.

This will add generated go package code to your specified outDir under go/PACKAGE_NAME (e.g. dist/go/awscdklib).

  "jsii": {
    "targets": {
      "go": {
        "moduleName": "",  // REQUIRED
        "packageName": "hello",              // OPTIONAL
        "versionSuffix": "-devprefix"        // OPTIONAL
      // ...
    // ...
  // ...