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The java target requires the following configuration:

  • maven - the groupId and artifactId for the Maven package.
  • Optionally a versionSuffix can be provided that will be appended at the end of the Maven package's version field. The suffix must start with a . or a -.
  • package - the root Java package name under which the types will be declared.


  "jsii": {
    "java": {
      "package": "acme.jsii.hello",   // Required
      "maven": {
        "groupId": "acme",            // Required
        "artifactId": "jsii-hello",   // Required
        "versionSuffix": ".PREVIEW"   // Optional
    // ...
  // ...

The resulting artifact is a Maven package that can be deployed to Maven Central using the deploy-staged-repository command of the nexus-staging-maven-plugin.