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The dotnet target requires the following configuration:

  • namespace - the root namespace under which types will be declared.
  • packageId - the identified of the package in the NuGet registry.
  • iconUrl - the URL of the icon to be shown in the NuGet Gallery. It should be at least 64x64 pixels and a transparent background is recommended. See the .NET documentation for more information.
  • versionSuffix - an optional suffix that will be appended at the end of the NuGet package's version field. The suffix must start with a -.


  "jsii": {
    "dotnet": {
      "namespace": "Acme.HelloJsii",              // Required
      "packageId": "Acme.HelloJsii",              // Required
      "iconUrl": "", // Optional
      "versionSuffix": "-preview"                 // Optional
    // ...
  // ...

The resulting artifact is a NuGet package that can be published to NuGet using the standard nuget push command.