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Blog posts

Title Description
Deploying a Containerized Web App with AWS Copilot by @edkruegerdata and Dylan Rossi Edward and Dylan start from the basics, including IAM account creation and AWS CLI installation. (Note: you'll also need to install AWS Copilot.) They demonstrate using Postman to test the deployed app.
Pilot your containers like a boss with AWS Copilot! by @FlolightC Florian simplifies getting started with AWS Copilot by demoing deployment of a sample app from start to finish, including links to both required and optional resources.
Use AWS Copilot CLI to deploy containers on an existing infrastructure - Tutorial by @dannysteenman Danny explains how to use your existing VPC and subnets with AWS Copilot to quickly set up a working container environment. Follow along as he deploys a Django app with an RDS Postgres database and Elasticache Redis cluster.
Automatically deploying your container application with AWS Copilot by @nathankpeck Nathan shows how to set up a release pipeline with the CLI that builds, pushes, and deploys an application. Finally, he sets up integration tests for validation before releasing to production.
Deploying containers with the AWS Copilot CLI by @maartenbruntink Maarten shows how to use the AWS Copilot CLI to deploy the sample Docker voting app, which showcases how to set up your own Redis and Postgres servers. In the second part, he automates the release process.
AWS Copilot: an application-first CLI for containers on AWS by @efekarakus Efe walks through the design tenets of the CLI: why they were chosen, how they map to Copilot features, and the vision for how the CLI will evolve in the future.
Introducing AWS Copilot by @nathankpeck Nathan explains how with the AWS Copilot CLI you can go from idea to implementation much faster, with the confidence that the infrastructure you have deployed has production-ready configuration.


Title Description
Using Jenkins and AWS Copilot CLI to Deploy to AWS App Runner by @DarinPope Darin, a developer advocate for CloudBees, uses AWS Copilot and a Jenkinsfile to deploy to AWS AppRunner.
Deploy a Web App with AWS CoPilot by @edkruegerdata This three-part series includes "Creating an Administrator User Group in AWS," "Create an IAM Account on AWS," and "Deploying the Web App."
Container Day: Amazon ECS Edition-- Demo: deploy a modern application on AWS Fargate with ECS Copilot by @efekarakus and @realadamjkeller Efe goes beyond the basics, demoing how to grow an application; he highlights the alias field, secrets and environment variables, addons, and more.
Copilot– What AWS ECS and Fargate Container Management Should Have Been by @vfarcic Viktor lauds Copilot for its simplicity and ease of use in this clear, step-by-step demo.
AWS Copilot CLI v1.8.0 Release Highlights by @realadamjkeller Adam walks through the features that shipped with version 1.8.0 of the AWS Copilot CLI, including alias, the svc status update, and container dependency.
DevBeardOps with !Cobus & !Darko: Playing with Containers by @cobusbernard and @darkosubotica Learn alongside Cobus and Darko as they experiment with AWS Copilot, from installation to pipeline setup.
Containers from the Couch series by @realadamjkeller, @brentContained, and guests Join Adam and Brent to learn about many of the existing features of AWS Copilot with fun demos. Watch as they set up a three-tier application with autoscaling; create a continuous delivery pipeline with integration tests; show how easy it is to 'exec' with Copilot; and highlight ephemeral storage and scheduled job features.
AWS Copilot and another 6 ways to easily deploy apps to AWS by Kirill Shirinkin Kirill Shirinkin explores ways to easily deploy a new product on AWS - including a new favorite one, AWS Copilot.
AWS re:Invent 2020: AWS Copilot: Simplifying container development by @efekarakus Learn about the motivation behind AWS Copilot, get an overview of the existing commands and a demo of how to deploy a three-tier application.
How to Deploy a .NET Application to Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) with AWS Copilot by @ignacioafuentes Get a demo on how to build and deploy a .NET application on Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate.
AWS What's Next by @nathankpeck and @efekarakus Nathan and Efe discuss what makes AWS Copilot unique compared to other infrastructure provisioning tools and then demo an overview of the existing commands.

Code samples

Repository Description Key features A REST API coffeeshop application that goes beyond the basics, demoed in the "Container Day" video, above. alias, secrets, DynamoDB, Redis A WordPress installation launched by AWS Copilot with step-by-step instructions and options for customization. EFS, MySQL RDS cluster, autoscaling
#2378 Show-and-tell with sample templates for launching isolated tasks in private subnets. VPC Endpoints, custom environments, #1745 A voting application distributed over three ECS services created with AWS Copilot. Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL database, service discovery, autoscaling
#1925 Show-and-tell explaining how you can do continuous deployments from branches with AWS Copilot pipelines. Branch-based deploys, AWS CodePipeline


Title Description
ECS Workshop In this workshop, we deploy a three-tier microservices application using the AWS Copilot CLI. (Optional accompanying video here.)