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svc exec

$ copilot svc exec

What does it do?

copilot svc exec executes a command in a running container part of a service.

What are the flags?

  -a, --app string         Name of the application.
  -c, --command string     Optional. The command that is passed to a running container. (default "/bin/bash")
      --container string   Optional. The specific container you want to exec in. By default the first essential container will be used.
  -e, --env string         Name of the environment.
  -h, --help               help for exec
  -n, --name string        Name of the service, job, or task group.
      --task-id string     Optional. ID of the task you want to exec in.
      --yes                Optional. Whether to update the Session Manager Plugin.


Start an interactive bash session with a task part of the "frontend" service.

$ copilot svc exec -a my-app -e test -n frontend

Runs the 'ls' command in the task prefixed with ID "8c38184" within the "backend" service.

$ copilot svc exec -a my-app -e test --name backend --task-id 8c38184 --command "ls"

What does it look like?


  1. Please make sure exec: true is set in your manifest before deploying the service.
  2. Please note that this will update the service's Fargate Platform Version to 1.4.0. Updating the Platform Version results in replacing your service which will result in downtime for your service.
  3. exec is not supported for Windows containers.