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env deploy added in v1.20.0

$ copilot env deploy

What does it do?

copilot env deploy takes the configurations in your environment manifest and deploys your environment infrastructure.

What are the flags?

  -a, --app string    Name of the application.
      --diff          Compares the generated CloudFormation template to the deployed stack.
      --force         Optional. Force update the environment stack template.
  -h, --help          help for deploy
  -n, --name string   Name of the environment.
      --no-rollback   Optional. Disable automatic stack
                      rollback in case of deployment failure.
                      We do not recommend using this flag for a
                      production environment.


Use --diff to see what will be changed before making a deployment.

$ copilot env deploy --name test --diff
~ Resources:
    ~ Cluster:
        ~ Properties:
            ~ ClusterSettings:
                ~ - (changed item)
                  ~ Value: enabled -> disabled

Continue with the deployment? (y/N)

copilot env package --diff

Alternatively, if you just wish to take a peek at the diff without potentially making a deployment, you can run copilot env package --diff, which will print the diff and exit.