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copilot env override

$ copilot env override

What does it do?

Scaffold Infrastructure as Code (IaC) extension files for environments. The generated files allow you to extend and override the Copilot-generated AWS CloudFormation template. You can edit the files to change existing resource properties, and delete or add new resources to an environment's template.

Learn more

To learn more, check out the guides for overriding with YAML Patches and the AWS Cloud Development Kit.

What are the flags?

  -a, --app string            Name of the application.
      --cdk-language string   Optional. The Cloud Development Kit language. (default "typescript")
  -h, --help                  Help for override
  -n, --name string           Optional. Name of the environment to use when retrieving resources in a template.
                              Defaults to a random environment.
      --skip-resources        Optional. Skip asking for which resources to override and generate empty IaC extension files.
      --tool string           Infrastructure as Code tool to override a template.
                              Must be one of: "cdk" or "yamlpatch".


Create a new Cloud Development Kit application to override environment templates.

$ copilot env override --tool cdk

What does it look like?