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pipeline init

$ copilot pipeline init [flags]

What does it do?

copilot pipeline init creates a pipeline manifest for the services in your workspace, using the environments associated with the application.

What are the flags?

-a, --app string             Name of the application.
-e, --environments strings   Environments to add to the pipeline.
-b, --git-branch string      Branch used to trigger your pipeline.
-h, --help                   help for init
-n, --name string            Name of the pipeline.
-p, --pipeline-type string   The type of pipeline. Must be either "Workloads" or "Environments".
-u, --url string             The repository URL to trigger your pipeline.


Create a pipeline for the services in your workspace.

$ copilot pipeline init \
--name frontend-main \
--url \
--git-branch main \
--environments "test,prod"