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job deploy

$ copilot job deploy

What does it do?

job deploy takes your local code and configuration and deploys your job.

The steps involved in job deploy are:

  1. Build your local Dockerfile into an image
  2. Tag it with the value from --tag or the latest git sha (if you're in a git directory)
  3. Push the image to ECR
  4. Package your manifest file and addons into CloudFormation
  5. Create / update your ECS task definition and job

What are the flags?

  -a, --app string                     Name of the application.
  -e, --env string                     Name of the environment.
  -h, --help                           help for deploy
  -n, --name string                    Name of the job.
      --resource-tags stringToString   Optional. Labels with a key and value separated by commas.
                                       Allows you to categorize resources. (default [])
      --tag string                     Optional. The container image tag.


Deploys a job named "report-gen" to a "test" environment.

$ copilot job deploy --name report-gen --env test

Deploys a job with additional resource tags.

$ copilot job deploy --resource-tags source/revision=bb133e7,deployment/initiator=manual`